Posted by: managetheworld | July 9, 2011

Homogenous vs. Heterogeneous team

Homogenous team is one in which the group members have a similar shared value and attributes. On the other hand heterogeneous team is one in which the group members have a diverse orientation. There are advantages and disadvantages of both teams that I will outline in the next section.


– less conflict
-better coordination
– advantage of cohesion
– high satisfaction
– better performance on cooperative tasks

– diverse thinking
– perform better on complex tasks
– more creativity


– groupthink
– decisions that do not respond to changes and contingencies
– no innovative ideas

– agreements are difficult
– more conflict
– coordination is problematic

The cohesion among homogenous group may translate into high productivity and goal accomplishment. They would all be thinking the same way so conflict would not be an issue for such a team. Heterogeneous team would be the best bet for strategic planning and research where creativity and diverse thinking is a necessity. Which type of team do you prefer working with if you had a choice?

Rigoglioso, Marguerite. (2006). Diverse backgrounds and personalities can strengthen groups. Unpublished manuscript, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford, USA. Retrieved from


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